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Computational service


Tumor genomic profiling

Utilizing our Helios platform, we provide comprehensive genomic profiles based on patient's matched normal/tumor genomics and/or transcriptomics. The report provides details on the patient's genomic alterations, tumor mutational burden, microsatellite instability status, amongst other clinically relevant metrics. Based on the mutations identified, the report provide information on potential actionable druggable targets. The report includes references to the updated database from OncoKB™ at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

We also offer specific immunological assays for the detection of specific immune biomarkers, and for monitoring of immune responses to personalized immunotherapies.

Computational analyses

We offer a range of computational services at the preclinical and clinical stages, utilizing our Helios computational genomics platform. 


The types of genomic events analyzed include,

  • Somatic variant

  • Gene fusion

  • Gene expression

  • Gene copy number

  • Loss of heterozygosity

  • Immunotherapy biomarker identification (TMB, MSI, etc.)

  • Neoantigen prediction and selection

  • ctDNA monitoring

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