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Advancing personalized immunotherapies

Seqker Biosciences is a technology and platform-driven company that is advancing personalized cancer treatments and diagnostics. Our initial focus is on genomic profiling for biomarker/target identification and neoantigen cancer vaccine treatments.

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An integrated intelligent platform for personalized medicine

Our platform is built modularly to examine various aspects of patients' genomics. Seqker has developed customized tools and algorithms for accurate neoantigen predictions and to enable the identification of novel drug targets.

Immune and cancer cells
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Neoantigen cancer vaccine treatment

We are initiating clinical trials for our personalized cancer vaccines. Patient's tumor and matched normal blood sample are taken for genomic profiling and neoantigen identifications. The cancer vaccine are designed specifically based on the patient's tumor neoantigens and has been selected for maximal immunological response against the tumor. 

Neoantigen vaccine for each patient is manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP) and administered by a qualified medical professional at the Seqker's network hospitals.

Comprehensive genomic profiling

Utilizing our platform, we provide comprehensive genomic profiles based on patient's matched normal/tumor genomics and/or transcriptomics for clinical needs. The report provides potential actionable druggable targets, tumor mutational burden, microsatellite instability status, amongst other clinically relevant metrics.

Preclinical target discovery

We integrate our analyses in a closed feedback loop to continuously identify novel off-the-shelf neoantigens for specific cancer indications. In addition, we collaborate with academia on independent projects to capitalize on our technology to accelerate drug target discovery.

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